Craps Terminology & Slang

Whether you are new to craps, or a seasoned professional, this list of craps terminology and slang is bound to have something you’ll enjoy!

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Dealer Calls

2 – Snake eyes, aces, eyeballs, aces in both places, two bad boys from illinois

3 – Acey-deucey, 2-1 son of a gun, winner on the dark side

4 – Ballerina special, little joe, two spots two dots

5 – Racetrack driver, fever five, little phoebe

6 – pair of tres, waiter’s roll, thirty-three

7 – 7 out. Line away, 3-4 now we’re poor, 6-1 you’re done, 5-2 you’re through

8 – square pair, ozzie and harriet, windows, 44 that’s me

9 – Center field, center of the garden, nina, 45

10 – Hard 10 girls best friend, 55 to stay alive, big one on the end, 64 out the door

11 – Yo, Yo levin

12 – midnight, all the spots all the dots, boxcar

Craps Betting Terms

Big Red – A bet that the next roll will be a 7.

Yo leven – A bet that the next roll will be an 11.

Midnight – A bet the next roll will be a 12.

Aces or Snake eyes – A bet that the next roll will be 2.

Hi lo – A bet on 12 and 2.

Hi Lo yo – A bet on 12, 2, and 11.

World/whirl – A horn bet plus any seven.

Horn bet – A one-time bet on 2, 3, 11, 12. Four units are needed and spread equally, so $4 ($1 each) or $8 ($2 each), or $20 ($5 each) for example. More on horn bets.

Horn High (2,3,11, or 12) – When a player throws more than 4 units for a horn bet, the extra will go on the number they call high. More on horn bets.

Line bet – Short for pass line bet.

Lay bet – A bet that the 7 will hit before the number being “laid”

Ace deuce – A bet on 3, the dice will show a 1 and 2.

Hard (insert number) – Bet on 4, 6, 8, 0r 10 that the dice will be paired. I.e. For a hard 8 the dice will show a 4/4.

Don’t Bet – Betting against the shooter, hoping they throw a 7 before hitting their point.

Wrong bettor – Someone betting the Don’t Pass line.

On, or Working – When a player calls their bets on, even if the point is off.

Off – When a player calls their bets off.

Parley – When a bet hits and the player adds all of the winnings to the existing bet.

2-Way – When a player bets for themself and the dealers.

Inside – Numbers 5, 6, 8, and 9.

Outside – Numbers 4 and 10.

Hop – A one-time bet on any dice combination. “Hop the 3, 2” for example.

Press – Increasing your bet when being paid.

Crap Check – Betting a 2, 3, or 12 will roll next, played as a hedge against losing your pass line bet.

Field bet – One time bet in the field (2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12). More on Field bets.

Come bet – Its like making a pass line bet, but each come bet essentially establishes its own point. More on come bets.

House edge – The percentage advantage the house has on any given bet based on probability and payout.

Proposition bets – One roll bet on anything in the middle of the craps table. Horn, hop bets, hardways etc.

Place bet – Betting on the 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10

True odds – Favorable odds payout for the player, no house advantage on the odds

Dice Slang

Aces – Pair of 1’s showing

Ace deuce – 1 and 2 showing

Hard 4! 2 and 2 showing.

Hard 6! 3 and 3 showing.

Hard 8! 4 and 4 showing

Hard 9! What? Yes – 5 and 4 showing

Hard 10! 5 and 5 showing

Yo or Yo leven – 5 and 6 showing

Boxcars, or Midnight – 6 and 6 showing

Dealer Slang

Little joe – Hard 4.

Natural – Throwing a 7 or eleven on the come out roll.

Off and on – Paying a come bet when a new come bet would have taken its place. Instead of swapping money, they just leave them in place.

Garden – The field.

Center Field – 9

Light it – When the player establishes a point

Color in – When a player exchanges smaller denomination chips for larger.

Black – $100 chip

Red – $5 chip

Green – $25 chip

No field 5 – 5

George – Referring to a courteous player who tips the dealers

Hit a brick – When the dice hit a stack of chips on the table

In the Dough – When a dice ends up on top of the extra chips sitting in the middle of the table, results in a no-roll.

Lights out – When the point is hit, or a player 7’s out. It’s a reminder to turn the puck off.

Lock it up – Reminder to a player to pick up their chips when they’re paid from a bet.

Mop – Refers to the dealers stick

Whip – Another name for the stick

Puck – The on/off button

Ozzie and harriet – A hard 8

Skinny – A bet on any 7

Stroker – Referring to a player who string bets, or holds up the game

Player Submitted

Little Joe from Kokomo – Hard 4 is rolled

The zipper ripper – Hard 10

It’s 12, you’re really late – 12

Hit us in the Tutu – Hard 4

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Final Thoughts

If you’ve been around a craps table, you’ve probably heard at least a few of these. Dealers can get pretty creative calling the dice. I wish I had been keeping track over the years.

Check out my article on advanced craps betting strategies.

Good luck on the craps table!

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