Craps Roll Tracker – How it Works

Our free craps Roll Tracker app is easy to use and mobile-friendly. Easily add your dice set, and change it as much as you’d like, then track left and right die for each toss. As you throw, it will keep track of your current session and provides an in-depth view of your results with SRR, BSR, hardways hit, and full number distribution of every dice combination.

You can also export your data anytime to view in Bone Tracker, or any other spreadsheet you’d like.

Background of Roll Tracker

As most serious dice controllers do, we started tracking our toss results on paper. Our initial goal was to simply establish our Sevens to Rolls Ratio (SRR), and figure out if we had an advantage.

After discovering Bone Tracker on the Axis Power Craps website, we found it very helpful. The problem? It was taking way too long to transpose the roll data from our paper printouts into the spreadsheet. Especially for Mac users where the macros cannot be used. The Solution? I created a simple app to record each roll with just a couple of clicks.

Over time, I added stats, graphs, and filtering options to visualize the data. It has always been free to use, and always will be!

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Try Roll Tracker!

If you are a dice controller and want an easy mobile-friendly way to track your rolls, check out our free tool!


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