Craps yo Bet: Understanding the Rules and Odds

One of my absolute favorites, the craps yo bet! Too many stories about the table going nuts when everyone is betting heavily on a yo eleven. It’s my favorite “throwaway” bet at the craps table.

In this post, we will focus on the craps yo bet, which is a one-time bet on the eleven. Craps is a popular dice game at casinos, and there are many different types of bets that can be placed on the craps table.

We will cover how the yo bet works, whether it is a good bet to place, the odds of winning, and other important information about yo bets.

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Good Bet?

How the yo Bet works

The yo bet, commonly referred to as a yo-eleven, is a one roll bet that can be found at practically every single craps table on the planet.

To place a yo bet, make sure the stickman has the dice and the table is taking bets. Simply call out to the stick, “YO!” and toss your money to them. They’ll catch it and put it on the “E” that corresponds to your position on the table.

On the next roll, if the dice show 11, you win. Any other number, your bet loses.

You can bet any amount, up to the table maximum on the yo. Most players will only bet $1, some will throw $5 at it and a select few will throw $25 or more at it consistently.

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Odds of Winning a yo Bet

The chance of winning a yo bet is 5.8%. The odds are 17:1, meaning the dice are expected to produce an 11 one in every 17 rolls.

A winning Yo bet pays 15 to 1.

Payouts are determined by local gaming commission regulations, most states follow the same payouts as listed above, but these could vary from one jurisdiction to another. The above are from NV.

House Edge on yo Bets

The house edge on yo bets is 11.11%. This means that, on average, the casino will make a profit of 11.11% on yo bets. 

On the surface, because the bet pays 15 to 1 it seems like a good bet. But remember, statistically you’ll have to make that same bet 17 times before you hit one.

Yo Bet Etiquette

The stickman is responsible for placing all prop bets for the entire table in between each roll. After the dice are thrown and they call the number, they will pull the dice to the center of the table.

This is the time to make your Yo bet. They are at times extremely busy and part of the other dealers jobs is to help with all bets on their side of the table. So, if the stickman looks extremely busy, its never a bad idea to tell the dealer closest to you that you want a yo bet.

Don’t wait until the dice are out, or the dice are being passed to the shooter to make your bet.

It is also very common for courteous craps players to make a 2-way bet, which is a bet for the dealers. If their bet hits, it goes into their chip box. To make a 2-way bet, lets say $5 for you and $1 for the dealers, simply toss your $6 to the stickman and say “2-way Yo”.

They will appreciate you for it. Keep in mind, dealers typically make minimum wage and rely on tips to make a few extra bucks. So I always bet for them when I’m playing.

Craps yo Bets FAQs:

Final Thoughts

The yo bet was one of the funnest introductions to craps that I had almost 20 years ago. My best friend and I were just learning how to play and he overheard another player make a 2-way yo bet and he simply asked, “what is that”.

Next thing you know, he tosses $25 and $5 to the stick and says 2-way yo. It hits, he parlays it and it hits again. Crazy win. I unfortunately wasn’t in on it…so after about 30 minutes he decides to try it again. I wasn’t being left out this time. It hit 3 times in a row.

I try to find that magic every now and then, but it’s never happened since.

To me, it is a “throwaway” bet. It is fun when it hits, but you have to know it is more than likely not going to. I usually only throw $2 on it, 1 for me and 1 for the dealers. I’ll do it probably 4 or 5 times when I play. Sometimes it hits and I win a few bucks, but most of the time it goes away.

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Good luck on the tables!

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