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Why Play Craps Online for Free

If you just want to play craps online for the fun of it – Ignore the rest and Enjoy!


Whether you’re new to the game and trying to learn, or a seasoned craps player looking to practice a new system, there are plenty of opportunities to do either while playing free craps online.

Online craps games from reputable casinos are fair and use random number generators which are heavily regulated. Here is more information on whether electronic craps games are rigged.

New to Craps?

The game starts with a come out roll. You’ll need to make a place bet to get started. On the come out roll…

  • 7 or 11 wins

  • 2, 3, or 12 loses (you’ll need to replace your pass line bet to keep rolling)

  • Anything else becomes the point

Once a point is established, keep rolling until you either throw your point number again or a 7 hits. You can also make bets between rolls. If you’re new, I’d suggest placing the 6 and 8, and taking odds on your pass line bet. This will help you get used to the flow of the game.

You can take odds on your pass line bet by clicking the empty square next to the pass line AFTER a point is established. Making a place bet is as easy as clicking on the line that says “Place your bets” on the bottom of the corresponding box number.

Seasoned Craps Player?

Every free craps simulator has some limitations. This one has a bet limit of $100, once you get $100 of bets out on the table, that’s it. They also limit some of the prop bets as follows:

  • Any Craps – 65

  • Any 7 – 49

  • 3 and 11 – 30

  • 2 and 12 – 20

  • Hardways – 49

  • Horn – 49

This online craps game also only allows 3x odds, regardless of point number.

I know every craps table is different, odds/payouts, maximums/minimums…but unfortunately this is the software and settings most online casinos use.

How to use the online craps simulator

First use the + or – buttons on the bottom of the screen to select your denomination, by default “1” is used. Next, place the chip on the table by clicking the desired bet location. After you have finished playing your bets, press the button on the bottom right with the dice.

Free craps game highlighting bet denomination settings

To clear all of your bets, click on the “X” on the bottom left. To clear only your last bet, click the back arrow next to the “X” on the bottom left.

Online craps with craps bets clearing options highlighted

To read the rules, view pay tables, or access game options, click on the ℹ️ or the 3 dots on the bottom left.

Online craps game with game options and rules button highlighted

As you are playing craps, you can see your current chip holdings on the bottom, starting pot is 1,000. You can also see your total bet amount on the table at any time by looking at the top left.

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