Craps Odds Bets Explained – Lowest House Edge in the Casino

When done properly, the craps odds bet is by far the best bet in the casino! The odds portion of a bet carries ZERO house edge, and the more odds you place, the closer to zero house edge you can bring the overall bet.

But, don’t mistake the Don’t Pass Line or Don’t Come bets, there absolutely is a house edge involved with those bets because they do not pay true odds.

I am going to break down how the craps odds bet works, the house edge as you increase your bets and other important information about placing odds bets!

Craps table layout with odds bet options highlighted



Good Bet?

How the Craps Odds Bet Works

In order to take odds, you must establish a pass line bet or come bet first. This initial bet is often referred to as the “flat” portion of the bet. It always pays even money.

With pass line bets you can “take odds” once a point is established. Simply place the amount you wish to bet directly behind your pass line bet.

With come bets you can “take odds” once your bet travels. Simply place the amount you with to bet on the layout and tell the dealer “odds”.

If your number hits, you’ll be paid according to the odds of that particular number (payouts highlighted below). If a seven is rolled before your number hits, your bet loses.

How Much Can/Should You Bet in Odds?

The more odds you take, the lower the house edge! So, I’d suggest taking as much as your bank roll will support. But, there are some considerations, including the amount of odds the casino will allow.

The most I have seen any casino allow is 100x odds. Meaning you can take 100 times your line bet. So, if you placed a $10 line bet, you could take $1,000 in odds.

It is very common to see “3-4-5 odds”, this is what you’ll see at most casinos. 3-4-5 refers to 3x, 4x, and 5x odds, meaning 3 times your line bet, 4 times your line bet, or 5 times your line bet. But they also correspond to a particular number. 3x on 4 and 10. 4x on 5 and 9. 5x on 6 and 8.

To help illustrate this let’s say I make a $10 pass-line bet and want to place max odds on a 3-4-5 table. Here is what my bets would look like.

PointFlat Bet $Odds BetMax OddsPayout Ratio$ Payout

When placing odds on the 5 or 9, the odds bet needs to be an even number.

For example, $6, or $16. If you try to place $5 in odds, the dealer will likely tell you to put an extra $1 on it.

The reason for this comes down to the payouts. 5 and 9 odds will pay $3 for every $2 wagered. This means a $5 bet would pay $7.50. If the house does not have $0.50 chips (most don’t), they’ll only pay you $7. By adding the extra $1, your payout would be $9.

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Craps Odds House Edge

Whether you are placing odds on a pass line bet or come bets, the house edge involved is the same – 0%.

But that’s not the case for Don’t betting!

Pass Line and Come Bets

The flat portion of the bet carries a 1.41% house edge. Since odds carry no house edge on pass line and come bets, the more you place, the lower the overall house edge is on the particular bet. In other words, odds taken will reduce the house edge from your flat bet.

  • 1x Odds – 0.85%

  • 2x Odds – 0.61%

  • 3x Odds – 0.47%

  • 5x Odds – 0.33%

  • 10x Odds – 0.18%

  • 100x Odds – 0.02%

Payouts are determined by local gaming commission regulations, most states follow the same payouts as listed above, but these could vary from one jurisdiction to another. The above are from NV.

Don’t Pass Line and Don’t Come Bets

The flat portion of Don’t bets carry a 1.36% house edge. This obviously looks pretty appealing, you have a better chance of winning – Until you start taking odds!

The payouts on Don’t bets are the exact opposite of Pass and Come bets.

A Don’t bet on the 10 for example, would require you to wager $20 in odds to be paid $10 on that bet. Whereas a come bet on the same number pays double (bet $10 to be paid $20).

Don't Pass and Don't Come House Edge

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Craps Odds Bets Payout

Odds, payouts, and house edge for pass and don't pass odds.

Odds on Pass Line / Come Bets

Odds on Pass Line / Come Bets

Bet Type Payout Bet Pay House Edge
6 or 8 6:5 $10 $12 0%
5 or 9 3:2 $10 $15 0%
4 or 10 2:1 $10 $20 0%

Odds on Dont Pass / Dont Come Bets

Odds on Dont Pass / Dont Come Bets

Bet Type Payout Bet Pay House Edge
6 or 8 5:6 $12 $10 4%
5 or 9 2:3 $15 $10 3.23%
4 or 10 1:2 $20 $10 2.44%

Odds Bets FAQs

Final Thoughts

Odds in craps truly are the best bet in the casino! Maximizing odds should be at the heart of any craps strategy you implement.

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There are tons of craps bets to choose from, but most of them simply drain your bankroll. Odds bets offer a 0% house edge, meaning your chance of winning is just as good as the casino (based on the payouts and probability of the dice roll).

You won’t get a great rating at the craps table when odds betting, but I’d rather walk away with money, not comps!

Good luck at the tables!

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